Wood – Open Space


Paxton Spaced Board

Paxton Spaced Board Panels are straight panels made up of either #1 or #2 Cedar Boards that are 1″ thick x 4″ wide and are nailed to 2″ x 3″ baker rails. The options for the tops of the posts are either Gothic top, Beveled top or left blank and add a pyramid cap.


Princeton Spaced Board

Princeton Spaced Cedar are scalloped topped panels made up of either #1 or #2 Cedar Boards. For toppers on the post you can have the following: Gothic top, Beveled top or just plain and add a pyramid cap.

Pictured – Custom stained


Spaced Picket Straight

The Cedar “Spaced Picket” Straight Panel is the staple open picket fence in New England. Lasting the test of time this affordable, long lasting and beautifully simple design fits well in almost any backyard or frontyard setting.


The Chestnut Hill

The “Chestnut Hill” is an elegant, charming design using cedar ballusters to create a look that is distinct from more traditional open picket style and is complimented by the use of Square Cedar Posts and decorative Finials.