Vinyl – Open Space


Classic Scallop Picket

The 4 x 8 Classic Scallop uses a square balluster style picket to soften the fence line by curving it towards the center and ultimately accomplishing a “scalloped” look.

Note: Picture shown is optional Tan


Classic Straight

The 4 x 8 Classic Straight is a balluster fence using a square picket that creates a simple yet tasteful line.


Contemporary Scallop

The Contemporary Scallop offers a traditional Cape Cod picket look using a standard 3″ wide picket whose simple yet charming design has lasted the test of time.


Contemporary Straight

The “Contemporary Straight” is the most popular chosen open picket fence throughout our region. It is affordable, tasteful and lasts a lifetime.

Spring Special
100 linear feet of 4' all black powder coated chain link on all black powder coated frame work including a standard 48" wide walk gate for $24.99 per foot installed within our service area.