Vinyl – Semi Privacy


Semi-Privacy with 6″ Boards

Semi-Privacy allows light and air through the fence which decreases “wind load” concerns and gives an aestheticly pleasing and stronger alternative to solid privacy.


Solid T&G Privacy with Closed Spindle Top

The “Closed Spindle” Privacy Panel uses a “balluster” square top and provides a beautiful option to the standard privacy sections.


Solid T&G Privacy with Lattice

The “Privacy with Lattice” accentuates the solid bottom and also has the advantage of allowing Light and Air through the top making it both attractive and less vulnerable to wind loads.


Solid T&G with Open Spindle Top

The PVC “Open Spindle” offers a variation of a balluster style topper to compliment the solid privacy. The Open Spindle topper can be straight (as illustrated), stepped, or scalloped to meet your taste.