Ornamental Steel


Ameristar Fence is the leading manufacturer of Ornamental Fence and Gates in the world. The diversity of styles and products, their unsurpassed quality, and their innovation puts them in a class of their own. We encourage you to visit their web site for a better scope of their vast product lines.

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In the Worcester, MA area; Fence Menders have become the trusted source for Ornamental Steel Fence and Gate installation & repair services. Fence Menders have taken the extra steps to ensure that we are licensed and insured to protect both the company, our customers and our reputation within the community that we serve.


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Ameristar Montage Steel Panels

Ameristar offers a product called Montage which is a Welded Steel line. It comes in two grades: Residential (Montage> and Commercial (Montage Plus).


Ameristar Steel Commericial/Industrial Fence

Ameristar offers a variety of Steel Ornamental fences. This section categorizes the “spec” material which they offer as a “knock-down” unassembled product. Two grades are available: Commercial (Aegis Plus), and Industrial (Aegis II).